Marc is a Former : Group CEO of a $0,5 Billion Corporate group | Navy Combat NC Officer | Professional J Class Yacht around the world sailor | Chairman of the board and advisory board for telecom and energy companies From a family established in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 19th century, Marc grew up and was educated in California, the Asia-Pacific &&Europe. He sailed extensively across the world. He lived in multiple countries. Founder of, he shows managers how to reach the top by creating highly productive teams. His passion for growth, productivity and contribution has also led him to serve in social entrepreneurship since 2009. He helped train over 25.000 young globals leaders.These highly skilled young global leaders are today successful business and social entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, bankers, corporate leaders across industries, public servants, political leaders, lawyers, community leaders established in 34 countries. For 25 years, Marc worked across 7 industries and scaled from junior manager to Group CEO. The strategic knowledge that allowed him to reach top results, is creating highly productive teams by investing efficiently. Since June 2018, Marc has trained over 200 middle managers, top managers and C-suite executives with 96% customer satisfaction! - This is Jim, middle manager, in deep doubt as to his managing skills, coming from an engineering background. He wasn't getting the results and worse, his team critisized his lack of managerial skills. Marc helped him build a highly productive and highly engaged team that helped him master his business. - This is Michelle, deputy general director reporting directly to the company's Chairman. She thought about quitting because she couldn’t get results from her direct reports, for a long time. She has been doubting herself and that affected her relationships at work and affected her life. Marc showed her a process to have her direct reports operate efficiently, so that she could regain self confidence. - This is Francklyn, who went from GM to Chairman. He doubted his skills on dealing with a board of directors composed of high profile experts in their own fields. Marc showed him a process to first get people to share the same vision then move on to the core of the matter, how to manage relationships with and between members of the board of directors. To your success, Reach Marc ~ or book a time to talk to him, by choosing a date on his calendar here : click on Survey Application (top right corner).